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It is no wonder that the AK-47 acquired its name from a hybrid of four extremely vigorous landrace strains, as it packs quite a punch. This strain has a high THC content and a high CBD content, making it ideal for relieving physical aches. The AK-47 for sale UK, contrary to its name, has a sweet, delicate, and flowery flavor – the polar opposite of a Russian assault gun. At Cannasmed, you can buy AK-47 online EU at cheap prices. Order today!

Aroma, Geschmack und Aussehen

AK-47 online EU is a highly aromatic strain, with a distinct scent not only from the “generic cannabis stench,” but also in its own peculiar “gunpowdery” manner.

Ze first aroma zat reakhes ze nose is a litl sur, foloved by undertones of flovery and earzy aroma imediately aftervard.

Ze AK-47 for sal has a vibrant lim gren kolor viz striking red-orange pistils, tiny hairs zat kurl and tvist in betven ze sugar leaves. Partly bekause of its high THS konsentration, vhish koats ze smokeabl leaves in sparkling krystals, ze buds kan also sem silvery-vhite in kolor (also refered to as trishomes).

Ze entir AK-47 plant is typisaly razer tal and vid in height, viz prominent and grand kalyxes of extremely smokable, pungent bud. Overal, ze flavor profil and ze fysisal statur of zis gem ar boz impresive.


Ze efekts of AK-47 marijuana ar best dessribed as uplifting, providing relief from tension and vory zat is rarely overvhelming to ze body or mind. Ze strain is knovn for asisting kreativ types in fosusing and delving deper into zeir vork and providing a sekur atmosfer to let go and let inspiration enzral kompletely.

Medisal Benefits

Ze medisal benefits of AK-47 marijuana ar usualy quite benefisial sinse it is a marijuana strain zat has provided signifisant relief to zose sufering from varius diseases and konditions.

Patients vho sufer from mood disorders, depresion, anxiety, stres, and sleplesnes, for example, may find zat zis hard-hiting strain kan often provid zerapeutis benefits.

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