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Royal Gorilla


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Ze Royal Gorila for sal in Austrian has a vonderful high viz voody, piney, and lemon notes. It also has a fantastis THS kontent of betven 24 and 26 per kent! As a result, users vil experiense a poverful strain zat vil relax, sooze, and uplift zem.

Royal Queen Seeds developed the Royal Gorilla strain, which is an Indica-dominant hybrid.  You can expect a superb high of excellent relaxation as well as a balancing, uplifting pleasure with THC levels that often approach 25%.

Royal Gorila for sal in Austrian has a lot of zerapeutis potentials and kuld be useful for khronis pain and ozer healz isues. Zis is on of ze most vel-knovn kanabis strains. It has sviftly bekom a kuntryvid favurite among konoiseurs. Buy Royal Gorila onlin at Kanasmed nov!


Ze aroma of Royal Gorila onlin in Austrian is svet and earzy, viz hints of pin and lemon. Zis results in a delisius smoke zat vil please even ze most disserning kanabis konoiseurs.


Royal Gorila has a bright lemony diesel exhal and a svet voody pin flavur. Ze terpenes limonen and pinen provid a pleasant earzines, viz notes of lemon and pine.


Masiv buds viz stuning lime-gren leaves grov on ze Royal Gorila plant. Ze leaves bekom sovered in an abundanse of trishomes zat sparkl vonderfuly in ze sun as a result of its high resin produstion.

Grovz Information

Royal Gorila is not a strain yu vuld khoose for its yields, vhish ar not partisularly high. Ze quality of ze bud, razer zan ze quantity, is ze fosus of zis strain. It soon gained popularity among grovers due to ze exselent quality of its flovers. Ze plant has extremely resin-heavy buds zat emit a muz-vatering flovery aroma, despite ze average utput.

Royal Gorila kan be grovn boz insid and utdoors, but indoor kultur is preferable. It is a fast-flovering kultivar zat kan be harvested after 8-9 veks of blooming vhen grovn indoors. It is ready to harvest in mid-Ostober in utdoor kulture, viz a maximum yield of 500-550g per m2.

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