Почему вы должны выбрать Cannasmed для штаммов каннабиса?
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Штаммы каннабиса have been categorized into three primary genetic types: indica, sativa, and hybrid. These classifications mostly describe the plant’s structure. Indica strains are recognized for their squat stature and broad fan leaves. On the other hand, Sativa strains tend to grow tall and spindly, with long, thin fan leaves. Hybrid strains have a wide range of growth characteristics, from bushy to taller heights, and a wide range of leaf variants. While feelings are connected with indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, keep in mind that while their genetics will guide the experiences users have, each strain affects everyone differently, regardless of its label.

For smokers looking for their ideal strain, the variety of cannabis strains might be daunting. There are strains that are very cerebrally active, while others are primarily responsible for physiological effects, and then there are strains that fall somewhere in between. It’s difficult to keep track of all the different flavors, effects, scents, and terpenes that cause them.

Как выбрать лучший сорт каннабиса для себя, когда есть из чего выбирать? У Cannasmed есть ответы для вас!

Let’s start with a look at the many varieties of the best quality cannabis strains.

Различные типы штаммов каннабиса

Cannabis comes in a wide range of varieties. If you’ve ever visited a dispensary, you’re probably familiar with the vast array of strains available, each with its own set of effects and active chemicals. Cannabis strains will contain different active compounds depending on how they were bred.

The mix of THC and CBD in most strains has a role in defining the strain’s effects and potency. This ratio of THC to CBD, for the most part, defines the user’s experience with the strain. The genetics of the plant plays a big role in determining the chemotype of a strain.

Хотя большинство производителей указывают, является ли штамм Sativa, Indica или Hybrid, они редко указывают хемотип. Тем не менее, глядя на этикетку каннабиса, которая указана на всех сортах в легальных диспансерах, вы сможете определить хемотип.

Индика или сатива? (или гибрид)

Споры об индике и сативе — одни из старейших в мире каннабиса. Хотя оба вида каннабиса содержат много одинаковых соединений, они могут производить совершенно разные эффекты.

Штаммы сативы, например, считаются более когнитивно активными, чем их индика-аналоги. Indica, с другой стороны, является сортами каннабиса, которые могут помочь со сном, снять стресс и уменьшить боль.

Sativas are your best pick if you’re searching for a strain to help awaken the senses and spark creativity or discourse. Indicas will give you a more mellow and relaxed high, with well-known side effects, including couch-lock and the munchies. Hybrids are also quite popular, as they can provide the best of both worlds, resulting in some unusual and intense experiences.

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