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OG Kush


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OG Kush for sale online is a long-time favorite – a classic – among cannabis newcomers and veterans alike. Its genetics and history are unknown, but it is recognized to have unrivaled therapeutic potential as well as a soothing and earthy flavor characteristic. So, if you are looking for a strain that is both pleasant to the taste and effective in treating a variety of symptoms, OG Kush online is well worth a try.

Аромат, вкус и външен вид

If you have ever stuffed your nose into a jar of top-shelf OG Kush for sale, you will know that the nuggets have one of nature’s most fresh scents ? vividly reminiscent of being lost within a dank, old-growth forest.

This strain’s aroma is equally woodsy, piney, and earthy, and it hits your taste buds with a vibrant, rabbit-like punch straight away. Furthermore, with overtones of lime, lemon, and spice ? as well as delicate traces of a citrusy splash ? it can surprise even the most jaded of self-proclaimed stoners.

Most people would agree that OG Kush has a “typical cannabis” appearance, with its characteristic yellow-green sugar leaf hue, orange pistils, and green, sometimes sage-shaded water leaves.

Пъпките са гъсто покрити с кристални трихоми, което има смисъл предвид високата концентрация на THC на сорта OG Kush.

Потенциални медицински ползи от OG Kush

OG Kush е изключително лечебен щам канабис, който удиви общността на медицинската марихуана със способността си да помага при толкова много състояния. Обикновено се използва при психологически разстройства и хронична болка.

Indeed, one of the key reasons for OGK’s tremendous rise in popularity over the previous half-decade is its possible medicinal effects. More and more people are learning that they prefer this strain to a full-blown indica, or even better, to prescription drugs, which are frequently associated with harmful, life-altering adverse effects.

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