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Critical Kush: Купете този продукт на ниски цени тук!

Critical Kush за продажба на български е щам индика, който произвежда дълбока релаксация на цялото тяло, както и успокояващи психически ефекти. Това е хибрид между Critical Mass и OG Kush, с афганистанско наследство. Тази пъпка често получава високи оценки от лаборатории за тестване на канабис, като нивата на THC варират от 16 процента до невероятните 29 процента. Critical Kush е почти сигурно, че ще ви постави в критично състояние поради своята сила.

Critical Kush online UK is distinguished by its resin-filled nugs that range in size from medium to huge. As you would expect from a pure indica, the buds are densely packed. The leaves are beautiful spring green with deep orange pistils intertwined through them. The inner and outer surfaces of these big buds are covered in a network of glittering trichomes, making them tough to break up without the use of a grinder. Order Критичен Куш online Europe today from our store!


Critical Kush for sale UK has a deep, earthy aroma when properly cured. Although there are notes of citrus to liven things up (a fragrance that gets even more apparent after grinding this bud), the overall sensation is dank and kushy. Critical Kush produces a harsh, bitter smoke that can irritate the eyes and sinuses when burned. This heavy smoke tastes like pine with a hint of spice on the exhale. Finally, Critical Kush is a potent smoke, so people who want to keep their intake hidden should take all required precautions. Because Critical Kush produces a true creeper high, users should wait a few minutes after their first hit before increasing their dosage.

Медицински ползи

Medicinal cannabis patients can benefit from the therapeutic benefits of this strain in a variety of ways. It can relieve deep-seated aches and pains, whether they are momentary or persistent. The anti-inflammatory properties of the medication may also aid with mild irritations, including headaches and nausea. The mood-lifting properties of this strain may provide some welcome (although temporary) respite from stress, despair, and anxiety. Finally, Critical Kush can ease insomniacs into a deep, restful sleep in high enough amounts.

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