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Køb Royal Cookies Online til de bedste priser - Cannasmed

Royal Cookies for sale online is a one-of-a-kind cannabis hybrid strain. It mixes a variety of strong Cookies genetics (all from California) to create a well-rounded strain with amazing flavours and fragrances, decent grow qualities, and a big THC punch.

Nogle Indica-dominerende stammer kan være for meget for nogle brugere, hvilket får dem til at blive sofabundne, døsige og uproduktive. Royal Cookies er derimod ikke sådan.

This strain has a wonderful, soft body stone with just the right amount of cerebral stimulation. This usually results in a euphoric, joyful high that allows users to deal with social interactions while also remaining motivated and productive. Royal Cookies for sale EU is a great mood lifter, leaving users talkative, energised, and generally in a good mood?average THC concentrations for this strain are around 23%.

Medicinske fordele

In terms of medicinal use, Royal Cookies online Europe may be able to help some people cope with stress and anxiety, as well as some of the symptoms of depression or low mood. Others might find the little physical effects helpful in dealing with pain or insomnia.

Royal Cookies, like other Cookie strains, is prized for their rich aroma and flavour. This strain has a sweet and spicy aroma that reminds me of a batch of freshly made cookies, as the name says. Some people may also detect earthy odours, which are more apparent in the flavour.

Information om vækst

This strain’s growth qualities are what really show off its indica dominance. The majority of Royal Cookies plants will remain short and bulky with close internodal spacing. During their vegetative periods, the plants tend to buff up and eventually grow into dense bushes. Indoor yields range from 450 to 525 grammes per square metre, and outdoor yields range from 450 to 500 grammes per plant.

Denne stamme kræver varme forhold svarende til dem, der findes i Californien for at trives udendørs. Planterne vokser lidt højere under disse forhold, når højder på omkring 140-180 cm og giver store udbytter. Knopper er tætte og rigeligt dækket med tykke, iskolde trichomer, og blomstringstiden er normalt mellem 8 og 9 uger.

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