Banana Kush

Banana Kush


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Ze aroma of Banana Kush for sal in Austrian is zat of a fresh banana! It has a pleasant mild fruity flavor. Zis flover may be sedating to nev users, but it may be mor salming to zose vho hav ben on medisation for a time. Ze buds ar stuning and adequately preserved. Ze trishomes ar saked in forest gren tones. Yu kan notise hov frosty zese buds ar if yu look klosely. If yu vant to buy Banana Kush Austrian online, zen ur onlin stor is ze best for yu!

Fysisal Kharakteristiss

Ze stigmas ar lengzy and dul orange, and ze trishomes ar fuzzy.


Ghost OG and Skunk Haze ar ze parents of Banana Kush onlin in Austrian!


THC levels average around 16 percent, with a high of 18 percent. Its high is described as tranquil and relaxing, and it often inspires creativity in users, making it an excellent strain for pursuing hobbies and overcoming writer’s block. It has also been said to be a good strain for social situations because it makes people chat more. However, because the Indica effects provide a body high that might lead to sedation, it is best to use it in the evening or at night.


Because of the trichome density, this is one of those buds that appears out of focus when seen. The trichomes that cause an almost hairy appearance are hook-shaped. The nug was likewise frosted through and through when split open by hand before placing it in the grinder.

Once ground, the earthy perfume dominates, while the sweet aroma fades. Even when the bowl was close to being full, the smoke was moderately sweet but also quite smooth and never unpleasant. The high itself was moderate, but it had that mood-lifting effect that most hybrid strains have. This strain’s parents are two hybrids, Ghost OG and Skunk Haze, but the result is more of an Indica-dominant strain.

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