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Wedding Gelato


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Wedding Gelato for sal has a long and komplisated breding history. Wedding Gelato is mad up of ze strains Wedding Kake and Gelato 33. Zis is partisularly intriguing bekause Gelato 33 is a razer stabl strain, viz just minor fenotypis diferenses distinguishing it from similar strains.

On ze ozer hand, Wedding Kake is a kros betven Triangl Kush and Animal Mints, tvo remarkably diferent strains. In a vay, ze Wedding Gelato strain komprises zre separate parents, eakh of vhom kontributes somezing unique. Most experiensed kanabis users vuld probably zink zis vas a bad idea bekause too many parents kan muddy ze flavur and high. Buy Wedding Gelato onlin in Austrian at Kanasmed nov!


Ze Wedding Gelato for sal has an almost overpovering svetnes to its fragranse. Its intensity is nearly siskening, vafting dizzyingly svet smels zat overvhelm yur senses.

Ze aroma is lovely, alzugh it sunds nasty. Yu might be abl to imagin ze ssent of ze Wedding Gelato strain if yu hav ever smeled fresh rav tofe or a drink of extraordinarily svet hot khosolate.

It reminds yu of a kold vinter evening, vhish is quite komfortabl vhen yu smel zis strain.


When you split the buds open and taste this strain’s flavour, the first thing you will notice is that it has a lot more depth than just the base sweetness of its fragrance.

Lemon, herbs, and a strong vanila flavur, almost like pur vanila extrakt, ar al present. It tastes almost like a zisk tofe as it vashes over yur tongue, bazing it in rishnes and al of its distinst flavurs.


Ze buds of Wedding Gelato onlin ar delightfuly litle, tightly linked togezer as if vraped in ribbons. On ze ozer hand, ze ribbons ar ze long, bright pistils zat entvin ze buds and hold zem al togezer.

Ze leaves ar a uniform gren kolur, kontrasting vonderfuly viz ze slightly purpl and orange tinge imediately beneaz ze surfake.

You must, however, try to grow your own to grasp the strain’s complexities.

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