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Wedding Gelato for sale has a long and complicated breeding history. Wedding Gelato is made up of the strains Wedding Cake and Gelato 33. This is particularly intriguing because Gelato 33 is a rather stable strain, with just minor phenotypic differences distinguishing it from similar strains.

On the other hand, Wedding Cake is a cross between Triangle Kush and Animal Mints, two remarkably different strains. In a way, the Wedding Gelato strain comprises three separate parents, each of whom contributes something unique. Most experienced cannabis users would probably think this was a bad idea because too many parents can muddy the flavour and high. Buy Wedding Gelato online at Cannasmed now!


The Wedding Gelato for sale has an almost overpowering sweetness to its fragrance. Its intensity is nearly sickening, wafting dizzyingly sweet smells that overwhelm your senses.

The aroma is lovely, although it sounds nasty. You might be able to imagine the scent of the Wedding Gelato strain if you have ever smelled fresh raw toffee or a drink of extraordinarily sweet hot chocolate.

It reminds you of a cold winter evening, which is quite comfortable when you smell this strain.


When you split the buds open and taste this strain’s flavour, the first thing you will notice is that it has a lot more depth than just the base sweetness of its fragrance.

Lemon, herbs, and a strong vanilla flavour, almost like pure vanilla extract, are all present. It tastes almost like a thick toffee as it washes over your tongue, bathing it in richness and all of its distinct flavours.


The buds of Wedding Gelato online are delightfully little, tightly linked together as if wrapped in ribbons. On the other hand, the ribbons are the long, bright pistils that entwine the buds and hold them all together.

The leaves are a uniform green colour, contrasting wonderfully with the slightly purple and orange tinge immediately beneath the surface.

You must, however, try to grow your own to grasp the strain’s complexities.

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