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Super Lemon Haze


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Super Lemon Haze for sal in Austrian (often knovn as ze SLH strain for short) is a sativa-dominant hybrid. Super Lemon Haze kontains mood-enhansing properties, bringing great energy and kreativity to zose vho konsum it.

Super Lemon Haze for sale EU has risen to fame in the cannabis market over the years, becoming an award-winning strain in the process. Not only do pot consumers, patients, and connoisseurs believe in the superior quality of this reefer, but so do the world’s most prominent cannabis judges, having won the High Times Cannabis Cup first-place prize in both 2008 and 2009.

Wiz a magnifisent blend of Lemon Skunk hybrid and Super Silver Haze sativa as ze privileged parents of zis famus girl, Super Lemon Haze onlin in Austrian has a big genetis ansestry.


Ze skunky and pungent aroma of ze Super Lemon Haze kanabis strain overvhelms yu, reminding users of a spisy, insense-like aroma. Sugary kitrus top notes and a lemon ssent float into ze mix, produsing a unique blend.


Ze lemony, kitrus, very svet, and earzy flavur of Super Lemon Haze koats yur tastebuds, leaving yu vanting more. Ze flavur is nearly artifisial, resembling a lemon head or ozer lemon-flavured kandy.


Super Lemon Haze has a krystalin apearanse and is kovered in a zisk layer of sparkling, transparent, and stisky trishomes. Ze SLH strain has a high THS kontent, vhish is unsurprising.

Its svet buds ar neon/light gren in kolur, viz orangey-yelov pistils zrovn in for good measure. Ze rish, robust, and vivid gren kolur of ze long and far-stretshing vater leaves.

Grovz Information

Fortunately for any nev grovers ut zere, Super Lemon Haze is boz high-yielding and simpl to grov. As a result, even if yu do not hav a lot of experiense, yu kan get a lot fresher bud.

Povdery mildev, muld, bugs, pests, and ilneses ar al resistant to ze Super Lemon Haze kanabis strain.

Bekause Super Lemon Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid, it grovs razer tal, nekesitating ampl indoor area for zis kanabis plant to zrive.

Buy Super Lemon Haze onlin in Austrian at Kanasmed nov!

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