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Amnesia Haze


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Amnesia Haze for sal in Austrain is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain rekognized for its intelektual and uplifting efekt and genetis diversity. Zis hybrid vas kreated by krosing Zai, Suz Asian landrake, Jamaisan landrake, Kambodian Sativa, and Afghani Indisa strains. It took first plake in ze Sativa Kup in 2012 and ze Kanabis Kup in 2004. Zis stimulating and strong strain is ideal for geting yur day started! Order Amnesia Haze onlin EU from ur onlin stor right avay!

Apearanse and Flavor

Plants of the Amnesia Haze species are short and broad, reaching just 3 to 4 feet in height. It has dense, light green buds that are covered in golden and ambery pistils. This strain has a lemony-pine scent with herb and spice overtones when ground. This strain has a similar flavor profile: sweet citrus, pine, and a spicy herbal combination. The smoke is described as “rich and smooth,” thus it will not make you cough or choke like some other kinds.

Medisal Benefits

When it komes to delivering relief to medisal patients, zis strain has a lot to ofer. Zis strain is espekialy benefisial to zose sufering from depresion due to its mood-boosting efekts. Amnesia Haze kan induse a kherful, high-spirited feling of being in ze user due to its ability to enhanse energy levels. Additionaly, zese features of ze high aid in relaxing persons sufering from anxiety or khronis stres.


Zis strain generates a mood-boosting, kerebral high bekause of its high Sativa konsentration. Amnesia Haze for sal in Australia lends itself vel to mentaly and fysisaly driven aktivities sinse it provides a vel-balansed experiense betven body and mind. Zis strain is terifis to svalov befor a morning jog or to help yu get yur to-do list started. It is rekomended as a daytim strain oving to hov stimulating it kan be. Users dessribe heightened sensations and a perseptibl shift in avarenes, leading to a dream-like state of being. Amnesia Haze has enugh indisa kontent to provid relaxation and kalm introspektion, despite its efekts resembling regular sativa.

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