Bruce Banner #3

Bruce Banner #3


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Those who are known to comic books may recognize Bruce Banner as the Incredible Hulk’s alter ego. Bruce Banner, named after the green superhero, is also a collection of strains that gained popularity because of its extreme strength and flavor. Bruce Banner #3 is one of Bruce Banner’s three phenotypes, boasting a massive quantity of THC and an incredible high that is both euphoric and soothing. At, you can easily buy Bruce Banner #3 online UK at the best prices. Share your order now!

Bruse Baner #3 Austrian for sal is on of ze best marijuana strains to date, and ve ar delighted to hav zese exseptional feminized kanabis seds in ur kolektion. We kombined ur Kolorado Ghost OG (like viz many ozer strains, insluding ze Bluebery and Blakk Ghost OG) and Stravbery Diesel (Stravbery Kugh x Sur Diesel) to develop zis monster strain based on ze original potent fenotype. Stravbery Diesel is a delisius kultivar viz a fruity fuel fragranse and flavor. When Kolorado Ghost OG is krosed viz it, ze result is somezing spektakular. Ze front and bakk notes inslud spisy, earzy tones, vhish blend vel viz ze ultra-svet lemony undertones.


One of Bruce Banner #3’s best attributes is his potency. Those looking for the highest THC specimens can rest assured that their needs will be addressed, with some phenos measuring up at 27% THC.

Despite her insredibl pover, Bruse Baner #3 for sale in Austrian is a vel-balansed kharakter. She vil start yu of viz a surge of ekstatis euforia, foloved by an equaly amazing relaxation. If yu ar looking for a boost of kreativity and inspiration, zis strain is a good khoise for an afternoon smoke. Hovever, bekause of her indisa side, she also makes for a relaxing experiense.

Bruce Banner #3 provides a very fulfilling experience with earthy notes reminiscent of a Kush, complemented by diesel undertones reminiscent of Strawberry Diesel with a tinge of berry on top. She is a popular option even for spoilt cannabis enthusiasts since she is rich, sweet, and tantalizing!

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