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It is no wonder that the AK-47 acquired its name from a hybrid of four extremely vigorous landrace strains, as it packs quite a punch. This strain has a high THC content and a high CBD content, making it ideal for relieving physical aches. The AK-47 for sale UK, contrary to its name, has a sweet, delicate, and flowery flavor – the polar opposite of a Russian assault gun. At Cannasmed, you can buy AK-47 online EU at cheap prices. Order today!

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

AK-47 online EU is a highly aromatic strain, with a distinct scent not only from the “generic cannabis stench,” but also in its own peculiar “gunpowdery” manner.

The first aroma that reaches the nose is a little sour, followed by undertones of flowery and earthy aroma immediately afterward.

The AK-47 for sale has a vibrant lime green color with striking red-orange pistils, tiny hairs that curl and twist in between the sugar leaves. Partly because of its high THC concentration, which coats the smokeable leaves in sparkling crystals, the buds can also seem silvery-white in color (also referred to as trichomes).

The entire AK-47 plant is typically rather tall and wide in height, with prominent and grand calyxes of extremely smokable, pungent bud. Overall, the flavor profile and the physical stature of this gem are both impressive.


The effects of AK-47 marijuana are best described as uplifting, providing relief from tension and worry that is rarely overwhelming to the body or mind. The strain is known for assisting creative types in focusing and delving deeper into their work and providing a secure atmosphere to let go and let inspiration enthrall completely.

Medical Benefits

The medical benefits of AK-47 marijuana are usually quite beneficial since it is a marijuana strain that has provided significant relief to those suffering from various diseases and conditions.

Patients who suffer from mood disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness, for example, may find that this hard-hitting strain can often provide therapeutic benefits.

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